Quality policy 2024

Quality policy 2024

Quality Policy 2024

As discussed in the year-end address to the workforce, 2023 proved to be a successful year in terms of revenue, marked particularly by a significant increase in personnel due to the absorption of MPL and other factors. The redistribution of processes occurred smoothly, and now each of the 3 warehouses/locations serves a specific function: turning and diameter grinding, and rack production in CEBA 3; tooth cutting, tooth grinding, inspections, and shipments in CEBA 1; internal gearing, bevel gears, manual turning, and milling in CEBA 2. Resources have been predominantly redistributed in CEBA 2 and CEBA 3, and transportation capabilities have been enhanced with the acquisition of a second truck to provide additional services to nearby clients.

The space issue has been temporarily addressed with the expansion of the surface area in CEBA 1 dedicated to Quality Control (CQ) for inspections, utilizing the available space after the sale of one of the two Klingelnberg C60U gear cutters. The few bar materials purchased from CEBA INGRANAGGI and maintained as inventory will be transferred to the new CEBA 4 in 2024, located behind CEBA 2, which is now used solely as a depot for vehicles.

The only remaining challenge is the delivery times, which the management has addressed by introducing new resources, both in terms of machinery and personnel, with the acquisition of:

  • a CNC PUMA lathe installed in CEBA 3
  • a horizontal gear cutter for pieces up to 5 meters in CEBA 2
  • a NILES KNG 12 P grinder located in CEBA 1
  • Currently, in CEBA 2, the commissioning of a bevel gear cutter, to be entrusted to Andrea, is nearing completion.

Production time has also been maximized, with only a 2-week closure in August and no shutdown during the holiday season, adopting two possible shifts around Christmas. To face 2024 and continue to maintain our supremacy as a manufacturer of precision mechanical components, CEBA INGRANAGGI communicates its quality policy:

  • Consolidate the achieved production capacity both in terms of workshop area and the optimal arrangement of machine tools.
  • Execute precise operations within the designated timeframe to defend our technologies by meeting customer needs.
  • Maintain continuous and transparent relationships with customers and suppliers to collaborate both technically and economically.
  • Continue to renew and train internal resources, focusing on processes specific to CEBA INGRANAGGI.
  • Execute low-risk cycles with well-maintained and/or replaced tools as needed.
  • Prioritize resources, both human and machine, with ongoing training and technological renewal, as this is the key to satisfying our customers.
  • Avoid shift work, which has always been contrary to company principles.
  • Present a new, more modern image through a complete overhaul of the website.

Carate Brianza, January 2024

Posted on the bulletin board, communicated to the workers in the year-end address, and published in the news section of the website.

Cesana Fabrizio

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