Quality policy 2023

Quality policy 2023

The year 2022 proved to be successful in terms of revenue; however, the primary challenge faced was ensuring timely deliveries. This encompassed the entire production process, both internal and external. In response to these demands, the management addressed the issue by introducing new resources, including specialized personnel, and acquiring the following machines:

  • NILES 1500 next-generation grinding machine
  • 1500mm horizontal grinding machine (Omicron)
  • Vertical grinding machine RTS
  • 5-axis DMG milling machine and a KLINGELNBERG G80 grinder

Ceba Ingranaggi incorporated a long-standing supplier for turning and drilling processes, leading to the addition of 7 personnel members and a 1200 sqm expansion of the workshop area.

In 2023, the company’s August closure will be reduced to 2 weeks. The shutdown for the Christmas holidays will be minimal, a necessary effort to extend the production period.

To tackle the challenges of 2023 and maintain its supremacy as a manufacturer of precision mechanical components, Ceba Ingranaggi Srl communicates its quality policy:

  • Increase production capacity by expanding the workshop area
  • Improve the layout of machine tools
  • Execute precise and timely machining operations
  • Sustain transparent and continuous relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Persist in renewing and training internal resources
  • Perform low-risk cycles with tools always in excellent condition
  • Prioritize resources, both human and machine, through continuous training and technological renewal
  • Avoid shift work, aligning with the company’s fundamental principles

Carate Brianza, January 2023
Cesana Fabrizio

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