Gear manufacturing

Gear manufacturing

Ceba Ingranaggi leverages its extensive expertise, professionalism, and precision in the production of cylindrical gears, racks, splined shafts, bevel gears, and various types of grinding processes, catering to diverse industries. Custom pieces are crafted to exact specifications, meeting the precise requirements of companies operating in multiple industrial sectors.

With an advanced and regularly updated machinery fleet, the company can, for instance, cut teeth from module 1 to module 30, with a diameter range of 10 mm to 3,000 mm, and conduct grinding operations with a maximum diameter of 3,000 mm and up to module 30, using a shaped wheel. Additionally, the company excels in internal tooth grinding from module 1 to module 12.

Installation of Klingelnberg/Gleason bevel gear grinding

The production capabilities are soon to be enriched with a significant addition— the installation of a Klingelnberg/Gleason bevel gear grinding machine. This investment allows Ceba Ingranaggi to incorporate an exclusive machining process, complementing its already well-equipped machinery fleet. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, a qualified staff, and half a century of production experience positions the company to serve both the national and international markets.

A well-structured reality ensures swift execution and maximum processing quality, with continuous in-process checks and the analysis of artifacts in the metrology room using advanced 6-axis measurement systems for final control and certification.

Geometric inspections on gears

Ceba Ingranaggi boasts a dedicated Zeiss inspection environment, enabling geometric inspections of pitch, helix, and lead on bevel and cylindrical gears.

This approach underscores the company’s commitment not only to production control but also to the growing demand for providing customers with graphs, documentary reports, and certifications for the gears produced.

Article published in Transmission Organs magazine, November 2022

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