Gears up to 3,000 mm

Gears up to 3,000 mm

Total Flexibility and Uncompromising Quality: Ceba Gears, Your Precision Engineering Partner

With a commitment to total flexibility, unwavering customer focus, and a pledge to deliver top-notch quality, Ceba Gears emerges as a valuable and reliable industrial partner for the production of gears and beyond.

Specialized in medium to large diameters

Fabrizio Cesana states, “Our focal sectors range from sheet metal processing machines to rolling mills, extending to the vast and diverse field of energy. In essence, any industry requiring power transmission is within our expertise, where we craft special medium-large gears with a maximum diameter of 3,000 mm.”

Indeed, crafting “special” and customized pieces to meet client specifications is the true core business of Ceba Gears. The machinery arsenal enables the company to work on toothings ranging from module 1 to module 30, with diameters spanning from 10 mm to 3,000 mm. Grinding capabilities extend to a maximum diameter of 2,200 mm and module 30, including profile grinding with grinding wheels. Utilizing Oerlikon’s OPAL grinding machines, the company excels in internal gear grinding from Mod 1 to Mod 12, with diameters ranging from a minimum of 150 mm to a maximum of 1,200 mm. The machinery inventory includes milling machines for straight and helical racks, threading and splined shaft milling machines, as well as CNC lathes, catering to diverse processing needs.

Flexibility and customer focus

Beyond the machinery arsenal, flexibility and a profound customer focus make a significant difference. A production process continually refined and expedited from order acquisition to delivery sets Ceba Gears apart.

“For some years now,” Cesana continues, “we’ve introduced complete product traceability using barcode technology, providing definite answers on the processing status at any given moment. This is a clear adaptive response to the evolving market dynamics.”

Today’s market dynamics demand companies to adapt to new production rhythms while maintaining high-quality production cycles. Uncompromising quality is ensured by a dedicated department equipped with a 6-axis Zeiss center, enabling comprehensive dimensional control of all processed components. With a robust structure and skilled employees, Ceba Gears positions itself as a valuable and reliable partner in the production of special gears for both domestic and international clients, constituting approximately 30% of the current turnover.

Article published in Power Transmission World magazine, June 2011

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