Ongoing technological updates not only enhance the quality of the final product but also optimize cycle times and resources. This is evident in the case of Ceba Ingranaggi, a company that makes significant investments in various departments each year. Among the recent acquisitions is a new hobbing machine capable of working on gears up to 3 meters in diameter.

High specialization, attention to product and process quality, and continuous technological updates are the distinctive points around which Ceba Ingranaggi has developed its activity in the production of gears, worm screws, racks, toothed pulleys, splined shafts, and all types of grinding. We are talking about a family-run company, always oriented towards a managerial approach capable of ensuring maximum flexibility and, at the same time, providing quick responses to customers, thanks to a motivated staff of about thirty employees.

“It couldn’t be otherwise,” declares Fabrizio Cesana, owner along with his sister Loretta, met at the headquarters in Carate Brianza (MB), “given an increasingly demanding market from all points of view. For this reason, we are always committed to making our operational cycle, from raw material procurement, through various necessary processes, to the delivery of the finished piece, leaner and more effective.”

This dynamic approach has not only allowed the company to mitigate the effects of the socio-economic instability of recent years but also to seize new growth opportunities, consolidating its market position. As confirmed by the administrative part, 2014 ended positively for Ceba, and equal confidence is also placed in 2015.

Gear Teeth up to 3,000 mm in Diameter

As already emphasized, continuous technological updating plays a fundamental role for the company. In this context, Fabrizio Cesana himself confirms that new machine tools and additional equipment are added every year in various departments, both to complement or expand possible operations and to replace them with more updated and efficient models.

“Among the recent acquisitions,” explains Fabrizio Cesana, “there is also a new hobbing machine, a CNC-controlled machine capable of working on gears with diameters up to 3,000 mm.”

Specifically, this is a machine supplied by C.L.C. of Cadelbosco Sopra (RE), which adds to a diversified set of equipment that allows Ceba to produce gear teeth from module 1 to module 30, with a diameter ranging from 10 to 3,000 mm. They can also grind elements with a diameter of up to 2,200 mm, always with module 30, using shape grinding.

“Like other machines we have purchased over time,” adds Cesana, “the new hobbing machine has been developed according to our precise specifications, in order to optimize times and process methods in line with our needs.”

The reason for this new addition is the continuous increase in demand for gears with ever larger diameters, coupled with positive signals from sectors that were suffering until recently, such as machine tools and, in particular, sheet metal processing. This necessitates an increase in production capacity.

“Production capacity,” emphasizes Cesana, “which will soon be further increased thanks to the integration of other new machines, confirming our constant and continuous investments in technology and innovation to which we have always paid attention and allocated resources.”

In addition to the new hobbing machine of 3,000 mm already operational for some months, Ceba has already planned the start-up of a new hobbing machine (for diameters up to 1,500 mm) and a new grinder for the processing of elements up to 2,000 mm in diameter, by next September.

“An expansion of the machine park,” continues Cesana, “that will allow us to respond more flexibly to the automotive sector, which has recently shown interesting signs of recovery, as well as to the always active sector of packaging plant manufacturers, paper mills, and wind power. Unfortunately, the latter is not related to the Italian market but abroad, where we address it both directly with our customers and indirectly with supplies.”

Ceba Ingranaggi exports about 30% of its turnover, not only to Europe but also to Asia (with a higher prevalence in India and Iran) and North Africa. “Even Saudi Arabia has recently given us great satisfaction,” adds Cesana, “thanks to an order for a considerable number of spare gears for some steel mills. An order that should be repeated, and we will be even more ready with the appropriate production enhancement.”

Article published in the magazine Organi di Trasmissione in June 2015

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